Brent Rivera Net Worth – One of the Most Followed Youtuber

Brent Rivera Net Worth in 2022 – $11.7 Million

Know your favourite personality with the latest information. Thus, Brent Rivera – a famous social media personality that runs a Co-Youtube channel “AwesomenessTV” with his  group members. Of course, he got popular rapidly, which you can analyze with their fan following. Additionally, they cover the topics for different aspects and mainly target the comedy with a net worth of $11.7 Million.

I know you have a little knowledge about him. But here, you can assess height, weight, profession, Nationality, and many more regarding his existence.

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Brent Rivera Net Worth
Brent Rivera Net Worth

Brent Rivera Net Worth, Age, Nationality, Career & More

Real NameBrent Rivera
Known NameBrent
Net Worth$11.7 Million
Date of Birth9 January 1998
BirthplaceHuntington Beach, California
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack
Family NameRivera
Sexual AppearanceStraight
Brent Rivera Net Worth 2020$6.5 Million
Brent Rivera Net Worth 2021Above $6.5 Million
Brent Rivera Net Worth & Bio


In fact, he was born on 9 January 1998. In particular, he is from California, and from his mother’s side, he has a Mexican appearance. Moreover, he has handsome looks and an attractive style that obsesses people towards him. Tbus, he spent the best days in his childhood with his family and took things more easily without any arguments. In this way, he lived a decent life. Hence, he always shares many things about his family in his youtube videos. 

Likewise, we always see him say that his father plays a great role in his life. Accordingly, he also makes many jokes for his father just for fun. Again, his fans see his mother and siblings in his video content. Afterward, he has two brothers older than him and a younger sister. Like him, one of his brothers is an instagram celebrity, while the other one has no interest in social media, so he has completed his graduation.


He has made up his mind from his childhood. In this way, he worked from a young age to pursue his dreams. For this reason, he started his career with a youtube channel and chose the targeted topics according to the interest level. As an illustration, he became notorious with the Vine app, in which he has at least 8 Millions followers that prove that people like him in real meaning. 

Besides, he always chooses the content to cover different aspects regarding the safety measures and entertainment. Again, people follow him to get his styles and fashion that help them to look cook like Brent Rivera.

Brent Rivera Net Worth FAQs

Indeed, he has an association with the top-rated brands. Similarly, he has signed a contract with the Fullscreen Network that wanted to engage the optimal content handler with the companies. He has also worked with Coca-Cola.

As you know,  Brent Rivera started a youtube channel with the motive to spread positivity and smiles on the faces of people. Therefore, his content depends on sketches, mini videos regarding the comedy genre.

He started his channel in 2009. In particular, from his childhood, he got inspiration from different actors that motivated him to start his career with acting abilities.

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