Bumpy Johnson Net Worth – Popularity With His Illegal Activities

Bumpy johnson Net Worth in 2022 – $100 Million

Bumpy Johnson was an American Criminal in Harlem, California. Yes, he attained popularity with his illegal activities with his partners. Due to such cases, he owned $100 Million.

Bumpy Johnson Net Worth
Bumpy Johnson Net Worth

Bumpy Johnson Net Worth, Family, & Complete Biography

Real NameEllsworth Raymond Johnson
Known NameBumpy Johnson
Net Worth 2022$100 Million
Date of Birth31 October 1905
BirthplaceCharleston, Caroline, United States
Date of Death7 July 1968
Rest placeWoodlawn Cemetery, New York
WifeMayme Hatcher
Bumpy Johnson Net Worth & Bio

Early Life

He was born on 31 October 1905 in Charleston, Carolina (Southern Area). In particular, he belonged to the black family and he had an older brother who killed the white man. So, in this way, he and his family faced serious issues. Because of such situations in childhood, Bumpy Johnson had insolence for whites that was the big reason that kept his parents always in the worry. 

Therefore, they decided to send him to his older sister. Thus, he moved to Harlem to his sister, Mabel. From here, his criminal history starts. He never completed his high school and met with the Gangster William Hewett to start his life as a criminal. 

Criminal Career

Firstly, Bumpy Johnson met St. Clair. So, in 1930, he became the closer companion of St.Clair. In a similar way, she told him about the different rules and introduced him to her friends and opponents. She wanted to start the competition in a sense of war against the mob boss with Bumpy jonhson. Ceratonly, yhey did it in the same with the murder of 40 peoples and unlimited kidnapping cases. In this way, this all continued till his death with many drug cases and for this reason, he has spent 15 years in jail.

Personal Life

In October 1948, he tied the knot with Mayme Hatcher, and this marriage lasted only for six months. He also had other relationships with two daughters, Elease and Ruthie.

Bumpy Johnson’s Death

Of course, he was arrested many times, however on one could not stop him from illegal activities. In fact, he died due to sudden heart failure when he was under the control of a federal indictment. As an illustration, he died on 7 July 1968 when he was 62 years old.


Yes, he had a popular appearance on the earth, and that’s a reason to add his role in many films. In 1971, a film shared the story of Bumpy Johnson. Moreover, from 1972 to 2007, the films “Escape from Alcatraz”,  “The Cotton Club”, “Hoodlum”, “Life”, and “The American Gangsters” added the role of Bumpy Johnson. In addition, many TV series and musical sessions play his character along with his life story.

Bumpy johnson Net Worth FAQs

Who was Bumpy Johnson? 

A notorious criminal in Harlem with the association of other great gangsters. With them, he started his life and did many illegal drugs dealing, murders, kidnapping, and many more.

What happened to Bumpy Johnson’s daughter Ruthie?

When she turned 66 years old, her son shared a post on facebook about his death that was shocking. In addition, his son, Anthony, said that she died due to a heart attack like his father.

When did Bumpy Johnson die?

He died on 7 July 1968 at the age of 62. The reason behind his death was the heart attack.

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