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Cody Ko Net Worth in 2022 – $3 Million

Cody ko is the famous Social media personality with his skits on the american social platform – Vine. Furthermore, he has the media attention due to his extraordinary performances as the  youtuber, acting as the comedian, and as a podcaster with a net worth of $3 Million.

Cody Ko Net Worth
Cody Ko Net Worth

Cody Ko Net Worth – Age, Career, Assets, Biography,Family

NameCody ko
Net Worth$3 Million
Date of Birth22 November 1991
SpouseKelsy Kreppel
Cody Ko Net Worth & Bio


Cody Ko was born to Greg Kolodziejzyk. He belongs to a respected family, and his parents were entrepreneurs in his childhood. Thus, he started his higher school studies from the Springbank Community High School. Then, he took admission in Duke University for the CS degree.


As you know from the short introduction about Cody Ko, he is a great personality with good acting skills. Before entering into such tasks, he completed his Computer Science Degree from Duke University. Then, he decided to make an app that will help the users with the great services. 

For this reason, he made “I’d Cap That” to add the captions for photos. In a very short time after the apo deployment, 4 million people installed the app. As a result, this app became the free app of the week in the app’s store. He was not sure about his acting skills. That’s why he started as an IOS developer as his main career.

Likewise, he continued this profession for a noticeable time, then he moved to the youtube account and started to perform comedy skits. In 2014, he made a youtube channel with his name and began to add the content related to the current situations, politics, entertainment, and gossip regarding the famous personalities. Then, he started to give his full time to the youtube channel. Apart from the skits, he got fame from his various songs that l have mentioned earlier.


He lives in his house that is located in California, United States. According to research and the information extracted from the top and accurate discussions, we have come to know that his house is 3911 sq feet that has 3 bedrooms, attached baths, and other related partitions with elegant design and innovative accessories. In 2015, he bought this house for $3.8 Million.

FAQs for Cody Ko

Cody Ko makes money from the online platforms. Of course, he has a huge fan following on his youtube channel where he adds the videos from different aspects. That’s a reason that he gets the paycheck with a net worth of $3 Million.

People know Cody Ko because of iphone. Yes, he has completed his university with the major subjects of Computer Science. Then he made an app for the iphone that came with the ability to add the captions of photos, named, “I’d Cap That”. Afterward, the name changed to iddiction.

They both met each other at the dinner that was offered by their mutual friend. On the other hand, they both have appeared on many occasions. Cody Ko always shares the pictures with Kreppel as the social media posts with lovely captions.

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