El Alfa Net Worth – How This Artist Rich Actually Due To Hit Songs

El Alfa Net Worth in 2022 – $1 Million

El Alfa has the high pitched voice and the elegant hairstyle that remains popular among the teenagers and young adults. Afterward, he got the fame from his songs that are Coche Bomba, Muevete Jevi, and Tarzan. After the noticeable fame he went into the collaboration with other singers. Now, he has a net worth of $1 Million.

El Alfa Net Worth
El Alfa

El Alfa Net Worth – Nationality, Age, Family | Wiki | Asset | Profession

NameEmmanuel Herrera Batista
Famous NameEl Alfa
Date of Birth18 December 1990
BirthplaceBajos de Haina
HomeSanto Domingo
Net worth$1 Million
Height 168cm
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAlba Rosa
Eye ColorBlack
El Alfa Net Worth & Bio

Early Life

El Alfa celebrates his birthday on 18 December because of his birth date, 18 December 1990. He was born in Domingo, Dominican Republic. In his childhood, he decided to become a barber and he was happy with his decision. 

But later, he found his interest in music and that’s a reason that he moved to the music industry. When he turned 7, he made a decision to leave his family to live an independent life without any further support from his parents.


He started with his friend in the music industry. Afterward, he made a duo with Eddy Wilson. For a longer time, they both started together and continued their music career. But, after some years, they both decided to start the profession as an individual entity. As a solo artist, he released his first song named, Conche Bomba. With this release, he got the superior attention and popularity from people. After getting such an amazing response, he released another song “Coco Mordan” in 2010 that has a high pitched volume and great beats.


He loves Alba Rosa and he got married to her. Now, they both have two children and they both are living a happy life. Overall, there is no rumor about any conflicting situation related to their marriage. So, this thing declares that all is well. Indeed, a person that deals with his family can deal with everything with effective outcomes.

El Alfa Net Worth

He relates to the musical industry and people also like to hear him on a regular basis. That’s the reason that he attained fame from his musical profession. So, here’s the answer to the question: how does El Alfa make money? With a net worth of $1Million, he always remains active and extraordinary in charity related tasks. He sends the toys, books, and related accessories to the needy people.

FAQs for El Alfa

Who is El Alfa’s wife?

According to El Alfa, that’s December 18, 1990, he is now 31 years old and he has got married to Alba Rosa.

Who signed Alfa?

Indeed, he has a powerful voice that attracts people.  In a similar way, Sunflower Entertainment signed El Alfa for his undeniable services as a singer.

Is El Alfa independent?

He covers latin music and different other collaborations with great content and voice performance. That’s a reason that he always follows his own way and lives independently.

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