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Greg Locke Net Worth in 2022 – $15 Million

Telling about the famous personality in multiple fields with the well known services. Yes, he is the social media influence, podcaster, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, revivalist, and the American Pastor. Of course, these all relate to the Greg Locke that has the $10 to $15 Million Net Worth.

Greg Locke Net Worth
Greg Locke Net Worth

Greg Locke Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, Wiki!

Real NameGreg Locke
Famous NamePastor Greg Locke
Date of Birth 18 May 1976
Net Worth$15 Million
ProfessionAuthor, Pastor, 
BirthplaceUnited States
Greg Locke Net Worth & Bio

Personal Detail

He was born on May 18, 1976. Mainly, he is the entrepreneur of Nashville, Tennessee. On the other hand, in Tennessee, he is the pastor in Vision Bible Church. This is the thing that makes its personality popular among the followers. Thus, he is also an author and related to this, he has also performed many praised-based tasks. 

Besides, he has a degree in Biblical Studies. After attan this degree, he got admission in the school of New England for the master degree that was the Theological School. Certainly, he chose the Revival history for the master level. As an illustration, he started to work as the Evangelist.

Next, He has written a book, named “This means war: We Will Not Surrender through Silence”. The previous statement does not complete his popularity. Again, he has written the articles, and he is the host of many podcast shows. People love his appearance and call him to share his precious words with the audience as the motivational speaker. 

That’s why his followers see him in the political and chapel gatherings at frequent occasions. The main thing is that Greg Locke speaks because people want to hear his golden words to get assistance in different fields In order to solve their problems. He follows the christians rules and regulations, and he moved to the Chiristianity in 1992.


He is in a well settled family. His father’s name is “Steve Locke ” and mother’s name is “Judy Sumner ”. Furthermore, Brian Locke is his elder brother. According to the social media platforms, he shared this knowledge with the followers. Currently, he has his own family, and he lives with his children and wife in Mount Juliet, United States.

He also had a good friendship with the “Melissa Biggers”. Due to interaction and the attachment, they both decided for the engagement. Afterward, in 1995, they got engaged and after a year, they got married. They have four children, a daughter and three sons. His daughter is a basketball player. After so many years of their marriage,they decided for the separation, where the major reason was the messy mental health of Mellissa. 

In 2018, Mellisa got divorced from her husband. Then, Greg Locke met the “Taisha”. After some time of friendship, they both got married, and Taisha works with Greg Locke in the church to promote the moral values. According to different platforms, they both have adopted two children.


He has worked as the Evangelist on the posts from 1996 to 2006. Afterward, when he completed his Master degree, then he started to promote the heaven preaches. Then, he founded the church, named Global Vision Bible, and where he started to do the job as the Pastor. Additionally, he motivates the followers and other people with the quotes, he also promotes the religion values.

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