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Korey Wise Net Worth in 2022 – $10 Million

Meet Korey Wise from New York City who attained fame as the Justice Activist. I mean to say “Criminal Justice Activist”. Also, he is a great social media personality, he became notorious when he was falsely sentenced for the Central Park Jogger case. In this way, he spent 13 years in jail and this punishment started when he was 16 years old. 

In a similar way, to make this situation public, there is the Netflix mini-series on his life that added sympathy for Korey Wise. Now, he has $10 Million net worth as of 2022.

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Korey Wise Net Worth
Korey Wise Net Worth

Korey Wise Net Worth, Wiki, Height, Weight, Career & more

Real NameKorey Wise
Known NameKorey Wise
Net Worth$10 Million
Date of BirthJuly 26, 1972
BirthplaceNew York, United States
ProfessionCriminal Justice Activist & Social Media Personality
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual AppearanceStraight
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Brent Rivera Net Worth 2021$10 Million
Korey Wise Net Worth

Early Life

As you know, Korey Wise has spent most of his time in jail. He and other four teenagers was convicted for the sexual abuse with the Trisha Meili, and had sentenced them for 5 to 15 years. Mainly, the other four boys transferred to jail at the age of 21. After the some years, the real murderer confessed for rapping the Trisha Meili. In this way, Korey Wise and four other boys were released from the jail. 

Personal Life

He spent a  major part of his life in the jail that kept him hidden from different situations regarding his family. During this period, he losted many more, in which his sister is on top. Remarkably, he has two sister Marci Wise and Vanity Wise, both were identified as the transgender. Furthermore, before being arrested, he also had a girlfriend, who is no more.

Awards and Achievements of Korey Wise

Of course, he faced many difficult situations from his childhood. He spent that punishment, when he had not committed. In 2015, he decided to donate the $190, 000 for the law School innocence project. Now, this project has the name of Korey Wise , “The Korey Wise Innocence Project”. Afterward, a mini series “When they see Us” was released on Netflix and became popular at the highest peak. On the other hand, Jharrel Jerome as a leading actor received the Emmy Award for his life story.

Korey Wise Net Worth FAQs

He is facing the issues regarding the hearing from a young age that brang many difficulties in the past years. As a result, he could not avail the achievements in the education for hearing disability.

I have explored all the assets and found that he has $10 Million Net Worth in 2022.

He moved to jail when he was 16 years old for the case, which he had not done. According to some sources, he spent at least 15 years in the adult age.

Korey Wise had two sisters, and they both were identified as transgender after their birth. When he was in jail, Marci Wise had died, which was a big loss for him. Another sister’s name is Vanity Wise. Thus, Korey Wise had a girlfriend at his young age that had also died during his punishment in jail.

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