Ninjas Net Worth – From his professional Gaming Professional

Ninjas Net Worth in 2022 – $25 Million

Ninja is one of the top-rated streamers on Twitch. Thus, he has made at least 17 million followers in the short time that gives him a title of one of the most followed personalities with a net worth of $25 Million in 2022. Indeed, he has made marvelous achievements at a young age that motivates the teenage generation.

Ninjas Net Worth

Tyler Ninja Blevins’ Net Worth, Sponsors, Streaming setup

Real NameRichard Tyler Blevins
Known NameNinja
Net Worth 2022$25 Million
Date of Birth5 June 1991
BirthplaceDetroit, United States
Age30 years
ProfessionStreamer, Gamer
CountryUnited States
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual AppearanceStraight
Ninjas Net Worth 2020$15 Million
Ninjas Net Worth 2021Around $20 Million
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Early life

Ninja was born on 5 June 1991 in Detroit, United States. In this way, he owns the American nationality. After some years of his birth, he and his parents moved to Chicago. For his high school, he got admission in the Grayslake Central High School, where he has great memories as a sportsman. Yes, he played soccer with his friends in his school. During the graduation, he found interest in playing the games. So, he started to accomplish different missions with the popular games sessions for live streaming his games. 


When he was 18 years old, he appeared as the halo player and player for the various top-rated entities, cloud9, Evil Geniuses, and Team Liquid. Currently, he is keeping his profession with the Luminosity Gaming. Indeed, he attained the major followership after the live streaming of fortnite battle Royle that helped him a lot to make his name. Afterward, he welcomed at least 5,00,000 followers in September 2017. Additionally, in the start of 2018, the limit exceeded the 2 Million followers that was great for Ninja.

Another point that had come in his life to change the situation in 2018, he played the Battle Royal with Travis Scott, Drake, and with the footballer from America. You can’t believe that at least 635000 people watched this streaming at the time that set the record and that’s enough to place him in the highest position with a great fan following. Another good news for the fans is that he cracked his own previously set record in April in his Ninja Event with 667000 viewers at the same time. He has also played many games with English players.

How many Followers actually he has?


On this account, we have collected our findings that tell us about the statistics that are 1.68 Million Followers, 328 Million Watch time, 527 Million Views, and 7000 Subscribers on the Twitch Channel.


He has 24.2 Million Subscribers and 2,398,382,771 views on different videos.


Here, he has 14.2 Million Fan Following.


Limit is  6.6 Million

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