Obasanjo Net Worth – Former President Of Nigeria For 7 Years

Obasanjo Net Worth in 2022 – $4 Billion

Obasanjo is the prominent personality from politics of Nigeria with $4 Billion Net Worth. Mainly, he is the political and military leader.

Thus, he has served as the state’s head for several years and was the President of Nigeria from 1999 to 2007. He had interaction as a member with People’s Democratic Political Party from 1999 to 2015. Also, he remained a member of the African Democratic Party.

Furthermore, we will go with the imperative and overall description of his personal information, including Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, Profession, Religion, Wife, Social Media, and Net Worth.

Obasanjo Net Worth
Obasanjo Net Worth

Obasanjo’s Wife, Biography, Country, Profession

Real NameObasanjo
Known NameObasanjo
Net Worth$4 Billion
Date of Birth5 March 1937
Age84 Years Old
BirthplaceWestern Region, Bristish Nigeria
Marital StatusMarried
WifeBola Alice
Ex WifeLynda
Political partyPeople’s Democratic Party
Sexual AppearanceStraight
Country Nigeria
Obasanjo Net Worth & Bio

Obasanjo’s Professional Life

He started his career in the army of Nigeria. In fact, in 1958, his name came in the list and he decided to get this opportunity because he wanted to continue his education with his salary. Firstly, they were under the control of the colonial government because at that time, Nigeria was not an independent state. In this way, his military career was full of training and pain. At last, they got their independent state “Nigeria” in 1960. Afterward, he remained in touch with several political parties and was the president. Now, he is also a senior politician.

Obasanjo Social Media

I’m not on Social Media: The exact words of Obasanjo. Yes, he has said many times in his interviews, he does not use social apps because he relates to the older age group and he never understands the purpose of their uses.

Obasanjo Net Worth

Obasanjo makes money from politics. As you know, he comes in the senior leaders and he has also handled the position as the president of Nigeria. In this way, he receives a great amount as his monthly and annual salary. Additionally, he was and is a member of political parties.

Obasanjo Net Worth 2022$4 Billion
Obasanjo Net Worth 2021$3.5 Billion
Obasanjo Net Worth 2020$3.2 Billion
Obasanjo Net Worth 2019$2 Billion
Obasanjo Net Worth 2018$2 Billion
Obasanjo Net Worth

Obasanjo Net Worth FAQs

How much does Obasanjo make money?

He is a great personality in Nigerian Politics as the party Member and Former President of Nigeria.

What is Obasanjo’s Marital Status?

He tied a knot to Bola Alice as his fourth mariage.

Where was Obasanjo born?

He was born in Nigeria.

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