Rob Dyrdek Net Worth – Age | Profession | Nationality

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth in 2022: $100 Million

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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth
Rob Dyrdek

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  • Name: Dyrdek
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5ft 6inches
  • Date of Birth: 28 June 1974
  • Age: 47 years
  • Worth: 100 Dollars Million
  • Nationality: USA (United States of America)
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer, Entrepreneur, and a skateboarder


A great multitasker that has tried almost all the famous and trending fields. You know about the name, but the services in many domains make you wonder. As an illustration, let us start the introduction from the work that Rob Dyrdek has done, and now he is doing his best. He is a superstar. 

Mainly, if you say a reality star, then it is hardly true. He is presenting the services of producer, actor, writer, skateboarder, and a great entrepreneur with a current Rob Dyrdek Net Worth of 100 Million Dollars. In a similar way, he has done many best characters that have left a mark in people’s minds. 

Some of my favorite titles are Rob and big, Ridiculousness, and the fantasy factory with the name.

Early Age

He is from Kettering because he was born here. During his childhood, he loved skating, and he bought a skateboard at the age of 11. From time to time, he set the ambition of becoming a professional skateboarder. Similarly, he always tried the tricky moves and preferred skateboard riding. 

Furthermore, he tried all the moves, tricks, and adjustments in the school period, where his friends also helped to improve his skills. At the age of 12, he availed of sponsorship and practically started his career. Afterward, he left his house and moved to California that is also known as southern California to give more time and get professional results at the age of 16.

Professional Life

After moving, he got the opportunity to work with the standard entities. In 2016, he got sponsored opportunities with many departments related to skateboarding. With the skateboarding craze, he has participated in the Street Skateboarding  League.

If we move further, then we have detailed information about the film industry. He has done the “Rob & big” that has 3 seasons; each with 30+ episodes. Thus, the “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy factory” ran for 7 seasons each with 70 episodes. After, he made a movie with the title of “Street Dreams’ ‘ and was featured in the games that are the skate and skate 2.

Point to be noted about your hero. He has set the 21 individual skateboarding records in the Guinness Book of Works Record.

FAQs for the Rob Dyrdek

Honestly, these questions will also maximize your knowledge.

You know about the sponsorship that he got from many brands. He got a high price from this support.

Rob Dyrdek has not reached the richest skateboarder that is Tony Hawk. He is more famous and has a worth of 140 Million Dollars.

No, it does have the DC shoes’ ownership. He only got the sponsorship from the footwear company.

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