Robert Taylor Net Worth – A Professional Singer & Actor

Robert Taylor Net Worth in 2022 – $3 Million

Robert Taylor was the big screen American actor and singer with $3 Million net worth. Indeed, he has done with the leading roles of his time and made a huge fan following throughout his life. He gained popularity from the 1930s to 1940s with his acting skills. Apart from this, he had the empathy for others and he showed this side with the services in World War II in the Naval American Air Forces.

Robert Taylor Net Worth
Robert Taylor Net Worth

Robert Taylor Net Worth, Biography, Family

Real NameSpangler Arlington Brugh
Known NameRobert Taylor
Net Worth 2022$3 Million
Date of Birth5 August 1911
Date of Death8 June 1969
BirthplaceFilley, Nebraska
Rest PlaceForest Lawn Memorial Park, California
ParentsRuth Adeline, Spangler Andrew Brugh
ProfessionActor, Singer
Robert Taylor Net Worth & Bio

Early Life

He was born on 5 August 1911 in Filley, Nebraska. Additionally, he had no other siblings. He had one of the sons of his parents and his father was initially the farmer. Afterward, he turned his profession to Doctor. Next, Robert Taylor and his parents shifted to many places and at last they spent 16 years in Nebraska. He did his early education from High School Orchestra and moved to Doane College Pomona College for graduation. He always got the Cello Lessons.

Personal life 

Robert Taylor got married to Barbara Stanwyck as his first marriage. He did this on 14 May 1939. Over years, they both felt that they did not stay together for the further years. So, they both filed for divorce in 1951. Afterward, he tied a knot with Ursula Thiess on 23 May 1954, Jackson hole, who was the German Actress. Thus, this marriage proved to be good luck for . It means that his second marriage lasted until his death. 


Robert Taylor started his career with his production house, named “Robert Taylor Productions” in 1998. Mainly, he took the start from here and appeared in many television series. Some of his work casted the attention to the year of 1965. In this year, he did the leading role in Death Valley Days as the narrator. He remained associated with this series till 1969.  

Robert Taylor Wealth Source

The starting point always remains on the priority. In his life, he made his worth from his appearance on the Television. In the beginning, he signed a contract with Metro Goldwyn Mayer for 7 years that kept him prominent till his death.

Robert Taylor Interview

Robert Taylor Net Worth FAQs

What was his role in World War II?

He was an active supporter in World War II, and was in the favor of America. He was a flying instructor in the Naval Air forces.

When Robert Taylor Died?

He died on 8 June 1969 due to Cancer.

What is the top work of Robert Taylor?

He has done Death Valley Days, Quo Vadis, Magnificent Obsession, and Waterloo Bridge as his famous work.

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