Unbox Therapy Net Worth – As A Video Editor & Photographer

Unbox Therapy Net Worth in 2022 – $25 Million

Unbox Therapy – a second name of Lewis George Hilsenteger, who is a professional Youtuber with his best of the best youtube channel, Unbox Therapy.

So, he has an estimated $25 Million Net Worth and his income is growing with a certain growth rate and his channel is crossing the 18.1 Million Subscribers.

Yes, it is 18.1 Million as of march 2022. Basically, Lewis is a technology content creator with superior thinking and talking abilities.

His channel has completed 3 Billion Views. On the other hand, he also received the reward shields from Youtube.

Besides, here we have a detailed description ahead related to his Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, Profession, Religion, Net Worth, Social Media, and more.

Unbox Therapy Net Worth
Unbox Therapy Net Worth

Lewis’s Wife, Nationality, Height, Weight, Country

Real Name Lewis George Hilsenteger
Known NameLewis George Hilsenteger
Net Worth$25 Million 
Date of Birth 6 May 1985
Age36 Years Old 
Religion Christian
Marital StatusMarried
Height 1.68m
Sexual AppearanceStraight
Unbox Therapy Net Worth & Bio

Unbox Therapy’s Success Story

Lewis was born on 6 May 1985 in Canada. Mainly, he belongs to the multiple professions as a Filmmaker, Comedian, Technology Reviewer, and a podcaster.

Despite all these, he runs a Youtube channel related to reviewing technological gadgets. In 2014, he appeared with his youtube channel and uploaded his first video.

Fortunately, his first one got viral, in which he bent the iphone 6 plus. Subsequently, he got famous and attained the motivation to upload other videos. In this way, he presents several clips or videos on a weekly basis.

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Unbox Therapy Social Media

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Unbox Therapy Net Worth

In fact, when we talk about Unbox Therapy and Lewis George Hilsenteger, then we refer to the youtube personality with the youtube channel.

Mainly, lewis is a technological expert who has the skill to open the restricted points to help or encourage the user to explore the gadgets and other technology. In  this way, he gets appreciation from his followers.

Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2022$25 Million
Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2021$24.5 Million
Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2020$22 Million
Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2019$21 Million
Unbox Therapy Net Worth 2018$21 Million
Unbox Therapy Net Worth

The Unbox Therapy Net Worth FAQs

What is Unbox Therapy’s Net Worth?

Lewis has $25 Million Net Worth that he makes from his Youtube channel, Unbox Therapy, which is full of technological videos.

How old is Lewis George Hilsenteger?

He was born on 6 May 1985. Lewis is 36 Years Old as of April 2022.

How tall is Lewis George Hilsenteger?

He is 1.68m tall.

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